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Babaji Temple Singers are a collective of people inspired by Babaji, including former members of GOMA. Babaji's teachings are simple: to repeat mantra and serve each other in truth, simplicity and love.

Babaji Temple Singers at Be Love Dec 2013:
Teachings of Babaji:
Om Bam Batukaya - Pujari & Tabla Tom:
Babaji Festival in Holland May 2015 - last two clips Babaji Temple Singers - Jay Krishna followed by Harisudha:


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Fire of Devotion
Pujari and Tabla Tom

Kirtan inspired by Sri Haidakhandi Babaji. Includes chants "Sri Guru Sharanam" and "Om Bam Batukaya"

The Bhakti Family sharing on this album are:
Pujari: voice and harmonium • Tabla Tom: tabla and production • Talia Toni Marcus: Violin • Asha McCarthy: cello

Track Listing

1. Om Namah Shivay
2. Shri Guru Sharanam
3. Ganesha Ki Aarati
4. Amba Bhawani Ma
5. Shiva Shiva Shambo Shankara
6. Jai Ananda Ma
7. Chamundaye Kali Ma
8. Om Bam Batukaya

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The Mothers Tale -
Avalon Returns

Jay Krishna

Beautiful Kirtan inspired by Babaji, Krishna and Avalon.

Track Listing

1. Babaji Aarati: Durga Mantra
2. Babaji Aarati: Sri Munindra Stava
3.The Mother's Tale: Avalon Return
4. Om Namaha Shivaya Jay Jay
5. Hare Krishna
6. Babaji Aarati: SanKirtan
7. Sita Ram BOM
8. Jagadambe Jay Ma

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Soul Nutrition Remix
Jay Krishna and Ellen Molnia

Playful, joyful Kirtan to feed the soul

Track Listing

1. Victory Song
2. Radha Govinda
3. Parvati Shivaya
4. Dragon Maha Mantra
5. Govinda Gopal
6. Bolo Radhe Govinda
7. Radharani
8. Om Durga
9. Mystic Shiva
10. Radhe Gopal
11. Sky Maha Mantra
12. Sri Ram Jai Ram
13. Krishna My Lord
14. Krishna Jivani
15. Radhe Radhe Shyam
16. Krishnaya Hare
17. Jay Jay Gadahar

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Soul Nutrition Prem Mix
Jay Krishna and Ellen Molnia

Playful, joyful Kirtan filled with Prem - Love to feed the soul

Track Listing

1. Jaya Radha Madhav
2. Radhe (Yamuna)
3. Gaura Melody
4. Mystic River
5. Hare Krsna (Jay Version)
6. Hare Krsna (Ganga Version)
7. Om Namah Shivaya
8. Rose
9. Jay Jay Ma
10. Govinda Gouranga
11. Jay Durge Shyam (Avalon)
12. Om Namah Shivaya (Cobra Version)
13. Sri Radhe Govinda
14. Jaya Radhe Madhav

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लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
"May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy and at PEACE"

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