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Tim Chalice, after a spiritual awakening and some years experimenting with different kinds of voice and sound healing, did his first workshop with Chloe Goodchild in 2005. This transformative experience crystallised in 2006 with the release of his first CD Planting Peace, running regular chanting groups and a life-changing trip to India. Since then Tim has worked extensively with Chloe and been witness to the incredible power of the voice and chanting in particular.

Tim uses meditative and ecstatic chants combining Sanskrit mantras with English words, to take participants into a profound, devotional silence. Tim is a regular at UK Bhakti Festivals and in 2012 released a new kirtan CD, Devotional Heart, produced by Tabla Tom. Tim is also a father of two small children and runs a very popular ‘Bhajan Babies’ class in Bristol introducing the joy of chanting to new Mums and Dads and their babies.

Jay Bajarangee LIVE at Be LOVE Dec 2013:
Give It All Away For Love / Shree Ram:
Jai Hanuman:
This Place / Hare Krishna:
Planting Peace CD Preview:

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Devotional Heart
Tim Chalice

Tim's latest CD, released in 2012 blends ancient Sanskrit chants with poetic and devotional English words. It has six long chants, moving from deeply meditative to uptempo chants guaranteed to get you moving

The Bhakti Family sharing on this album are:
Tim Chalice: vocals, harmonium • Tom Simenauer: tabla, percussion, keyboards, programming • Chloe Goodchild: vocals • Emma Collins: vocals • Tara Wlash: vocals • Veda Geib Shanley: hand cymbals • Vicki Burke: flute, harp

Track Listing

1. Jai Hanuman
2. Lokah Samastah
3. Gayatri
4. Shiva Carry Me Home
5. This Place/Hare Krishna
6. Shree Ram (Cover Me)

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Planting Peace
Tim Chalice

Tim's first CD recorded in 2006 featuring a dozen tracks written and recorded by Tim.

Track Listing

1. Pyramids of Love
2. Om Shanti/Instrument of Thy Peace
3. Universal Temple of the Heart
4. Be As You Are
5. Gayatri Mantra
6. The Truth Shall Set You Free
7. Peace Song
8. Om Namah Shivaya
9. The Spaces in Between
10. I Am
11. Heart Sutra
12. Planting Peace

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लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
"May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy and at PEACE"

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